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After reinventing the wheel a number of times, I decided it was time to consolidate some of the styles and guidelines I've been applying throughout my web apps into a consistent, single style guide that embodied the design principles and artifacts that I've been producing lately. This in order to reuse more and be faster when developing new UX, but also to force me not to reinvent yet another wheel, but rather invest in reusable assets so that all consumers can benefit from it.

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As usual, I went open source and chose GitHub to host the guide. You can find it at emeraldion.github.io/aoi. At this early stage, I probably spent more time to build the guide itself than the catalog of patterns and make it responsive so it can be evaluated and accessed from all devices. I plan to move more patterns and assets onto the guide as time allows, and a need arises. Of course I don't want to over engineer the guide and keep it to a bare minimum, inviting its consumers myself included to follow principles over reusing patterns, customize code over blindly reusing it.

For the interested readers, the styles are written in Sass (SCSS) and built with Gulp and Node-Sass. The guide itself is generated with Hologram, a really nice and simple style guide generator Ruby gem.

I hope you like it! Let me know if you find it useful or inspirational! 

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